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One more deceptive ad AND packaging

I think the worst of all these TV commercials is the fairly new one for Gorton’s Simply Bake Haddock (and Tilapia).  Having been bombarded on the airwaves by ads for these two new fish products, looking absolutely delicious, juicy, good portion size, yummy sounding flavorings, I was extremely disappointed with the haddock that I got for David and me one night about two months ago.  The box that the two filets come in is about 10-11 inches long, automatically making you think you’d get a pretty decent size portion.  When you take the two individual cooking bags out of the freezer, they feel fairly substantial and are about nine inches long.  I didnt really try to feel the fish inside.

I put them on a cooking tray and baked them both exactly as the instructions said to.  When they were done, the bags were all puffed up with steam and the fish smelled delicious.  I slid them off of the baking tray and carefully cut open one end of the bag.  Imagine my surprise when I slid the fish onto David’s plate, only to see a VERY small portion. It was a piece from the tail end of the filet, about an eigth of an inch at the tippy tail and tapering up to barely a half-inch thick in the fleshy part of the fish.  The whole portion was smaller than the palm of my hand and triangular in shape.  I’m guessing the total cooked weight was about 2.5 ounces.  The outside package said that the total weight of both fish is 9 oz., so each should be 4.5 oz., right?  Not a chance!  This was a four-bite portion of fish, barely enough to feed a 10-year old.  I quickly opened the second package to see if the first was a fluke, and it was exactly the same as the first!!

While the fish is DELICIOUS, it only makes you wanting for about double the amount you get.  You’ll be glad to know, however, that I called Gorton’s the very next day (their main processing plant is here in Gloucester, MA!) and I very strongly expressed my disappointment in a product that they had been blitzing the airwaves with.  They apologized and said they’d pass the info to the proper channels and offered to send me a coupon for any of their products.  I tried the tilapia a few weeks later (using the coupon) and again found a smaller than average portion, although nominally larger than the haddock.  Im not sure where Gorton’s is hiding that 9 ounces, but it sure isn’t in the cooked portions!!  So…. buyer beware!  Below is a photo of the fish in the advertisements and in your grocer’s freezer… looking VERY substantial on a plate with veggies on it, too!  What you see is definitely NOT what you get!!!  Shame on Gorton’s !!!

Gorton's haddock.. way smaller than package photo

Gorton’s, the country’s largest fish processor, dropped the ball on this product! Actual portion is barely enough to feed a child, let alone a fish-loving adult!


Another deceptive ad…this time, granola bars!

Phooey on Kellogg's for making us think there is a bigger bar than the actual one!

This package is a little over six inches long. With the crimped ends taking about an inch of that length, you’d expect the bar to be about 5 inches long, yes? See photo 2 for the actual size!

Grrr to Kellogg's for making us think we're going to get a much bigger bar than we do!
Notice how the actual granola bar is just a smidge over HALF the length of the wrapper!

Special K 90-Calorie honey nut bars are one of my ‘truth in packaging’ gripes.  This one involves a MUCH bigger package compared to the actual size of the bar.  Check out the two photos below and you’ll see what I mean.  The package is a little over six inches long.  Allowing one inch for the crimping on each end, the remaining enclosure should be a little over five inches.  With that said, I was expecting a bar that was close to 5″ long.  Take a look at the second picture to see how small the bar is in relation to the package!!  Come on, Kellogg’s, either give us a bigger bar in that package, or shrink the wrapper to fit tightly around the REAL size of the bar!!!  Pfffft on you for trying to deceive us!!!

Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast sandwich – truth in advertising?

Okay… this is one of the TV ads that REALLY ticks me off! The TV advertisement for Jimmy Dean shows a woman eating their low-calorie english muffin/sausage/egg/cheese sandwich, and the way they have filmed it makes you think that the sandwich is much bigger than it really is. I finally was able to take a few photos of the actual TV commercial (thank you, DVR) and will show you what I mean. The woman taking the bite of the sandwich has her long-fingered hands stretched out extremely wide while holding the muffin, giving the first illusion that the sandwich is bigger than it actually is. When she goes to take a bite, you can clearly see that the muffin is MUCH bigger than a standard english muffin (and the actual sandwiches in the purchased package). In the photo, it extends way farther than where her mouth ends, looking more the size of a Whopper from Burger King than a puny engish muffin sandwich. I am convinced that they made the advertisement muffin much bigger than it actually is (maybe using the sandwich-sized Thomas’ muffins?), so as to give you the impression that you will be getting a BIG breakfast – not a rather small actual one. The only other possible explanation for the muffin looking so big is that the actress taking the bite of the sandwich has a freakishly small head and an even smaller mouth! What do you think? Is Jimmy Dean deceiving us with the advertisements for this breakfast sandwich? I say YES… and it makes me MAD!

Truth in Advertising?

One of several deceptive images for this sandwich… to me, this looks like the muffin is really big on a dessert/salad sized plate!

Truth in Advertising?

How big is the english muffin sandwich?

Truth in Advertising??  Really?
Notice how the sandwich covers nearly the breadth of her face!!