May 3, 2017

Hello again from 2017. I realize that a lot of time has passed since my last post and I am now debating whether to keep paying for this site or not. Am I really a blogger? Do I have time to write every couple of days about what’s going on with my Mail Art group, or what products I keep finding that have deceptive packaging (the latest being Oreo cookies), or my gripes about Donald Trump (and I have PLENTY of those!) The truth is, I find myself busy every single day…mostly entering my weekly mail art exchanges… but also reading political articles online, listening to new (and old) music, watching a handful of favorite TV shows and series on Netflix, or admiring artworks by the incredibly talented new artists that abound online. I also love swooning over recipes, art techniques, beautiful quilts, fantastic photographs of Europe, and so many other things that interest me. I use Pinterest most frequently for all those things. So, do I have time to devote to writing? I think I don’t, really….as much as I like the idea of jotting ideas down as they occur to me. I write occasional notes or post links on Facebook and that seems enough to keep up with close friends and family. I don’t Tweet, or post anything on Instagram (except I do look at a few friends’ and family’s artwork), and all those other social apps I pretty much ignore, so perhaps the little that I do is enough to remain “socially active”??

I’m going to ponder all this while I figure out whether I want to pay another $18.00 to keep this blog site going. If you’re reading this, assume that I decided to hold onto it.

Love, Beau


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