About Beau’s Ink

The first kitty who totally ‘gets’ me… and I ‘get’ her!

Welcome to Beau’s Ink – where Beau sounds off about pretty much anything that tickles her fancy!

Okay, most of you know that I am terrible at all these newfangled social sites and much prefer living my life the old-fashioned way, by writing personal notes, making the occasional phone call or sending emails to stay in touch with my wonderful friends and family.  But…. for many months now I have been thinking that I needed a place to moan and groan about everyday things that really tick me off.  For instance, I have deduced that the packaging industry is out to get me….nearly everything I open, whether it’s a container of yogurt or a box of crackers, either tears, bends, spills or in some other way ruins the very container that was meant to CONTAIN the product….  I will have many discussions about this topic as time goes on, but for now, start making a list of some of the things you’ve tried to open unsuccessfully and that got your blood pressure agitated.  Take pictures of the resulting messes, too.  I’m sure I will have alot of those eventually.

I also want to use this space to talk about life in the Beau lane…. what I’m doing, where I’ve been, where I hope to go … and to share with you some fabulous recipes of my favorite Food Network stars… Giada, Ina, Rachel, etc. or some that I have happened upon on the internet… like the severaly addictive no-bake chocolate mint bars I made for nephew Chip and his pregnant wife, Sadie last weekend.

There will be news of my family, anecdotes about anything that amuses or annoys me and maybe some links to favorite YouTube clips, funny or interesting items that I come across, and lots of thoughts and opinions about life.  I’m sure that as I become accustomed to blabbing … er… blogging, I will hone in on some more specific topics, especially if I get egged on by you all.

So, here we go… it is Saturday, June 16, 2012, a sunny yet cool New England day.  Sushi, my rescue cat, just jumped up on the arm of my chair, needing attention.  You will hear alot about her, as she is one of the loves of my life… she keeps me warm at night and makes me laugh during the day.

Now I must figure out whether I am doing this right, what I need to learn, and whether I am competent or not to be an official Blogger!!

Stay tuned.

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