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Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast sandwich – truth in advertising?

Okay… this is one of the TV ads that REALLY ticks me off! The TV advertisement for Jimmy Dean shows a woman eating their low-calorie english muffin/sausage/egg/cheese sandwich, and the way they have filmed it makes you think that the sandwich is much bigger than it really is. I finally was able to take a few photos of the actual TV commercial (thank you, DVR) and will show you what I mean. The woman taking the bite of the sandwich has her long-fingered hands stretched out extremely wide while holding the muffin, giving the first illusion that the sandwich is bigger than it actually is. When she goes to take a bite, you can clearly see that the muffin is MUCH bigger than a standard english muffin (and the actual sandwiches in the purchased package). In the photo, it extends way farther than where her mouth ends, looking more the size of a Whopper from Burger King than a puny engish muffin sandwich. I am convinced that they made the advertisement muffin much bigger than it actually isĀ (maybe using the sandwich-sized Thomas’ muffins?), so as to give you the impression that you will be getting a BIG breakfast – not a rather small actual one. The only other possible explanation for the muffin looking so big is that the actress taking the bite of the sandwich has a freakishly small head and an even smaller mouth! What do you think? Is Jimmy Dean deceiving us with the advertisements for this breakfast sandwich? I say YES… and it makes me MAD!

Truth in Advertising?

One of several deceptive images for this sandwich… to me, this looks like the muffin is really big on a dessert/salad sized plate!

Truth in Advertising?

How big is the english muffin sandwich?

Truth in Advertising??  Really?
Notice how the sandwich covers nearly the breadth of her face!!